In Nigeria, you need a minimum of 7,000,000,000 to build a similar structure.

So, you will spend 50 times over of Nigerian cost to build similar structure in the UK.

We have to be grateful to Nigerian Government for subsidizing the cost of building house for her citizens. Without the subsidy, millions of Landlord today would have remained tenants struggling to pay monthly rent.

The cheapest cost for a plot of land in the UK is today set at £82,902 (N58,280,106) in most rural areas
The cheapest price for a plot in Nigeria today is set at an average of 50,000 in most rural areas.

So, you will need 1,165 times of the money to buy the cheapest land in Nigeria, to get a similar plot in the UK.
Again, we should be highly grateful to Nigerian government that subsidized plots of lands for our citizens. Millions of land owners today wouldn’t have been able to afford the cost of a plot.
The average monthly house rent in the UK is around £500 (N351,500).
The average monthly house rent in Nigeria is N14,200.

So, you will need 24times your monthly rent in Nigeria to pay a monthly rent in the UK. That means, you 2 years rent here is what you will pay per month in the UK.

We should continue to thank our Government for subsidizing house rents for us here, otherwise, most of Nigerians would have been homeless.
Uber charges £1.25(N878) per mile in the UK.

In Nigeria, Uber charges N55 per kilometer, which equals N165 to N170 per mile.

So, you will pay 5 times the price in Nigeria, to have an Uber ride of same distance in the UK.

We will be ungrateful not to appreciate that the government has subsidized Uber services for our citizens.

The cost of renting a 2-bedded apartment in Lekki in Lagos state, can be 100 times the cost of renting a similar apartment in Atan-Ota in Ogun state.

Ogun residents should be grateful to Governor Dapo Abiodun for subsidizing house rent in the area. Majority of those residents would have been homeless.
The school tuition of a kid attending British International School in Lekki can be 300 times that of a kid attending Prime Rose Secondary school in Saki, Oyo state.

Let Saki people be grateful to Governor Seyi Makinde for subsidizing secondary education for their kids.

The cost of training a Medical doctor in the UK can be 100 times the cost of training a medical doctor in Nigeria.
Why can’t Nigerian doctors be grateful to the federal government and the various state governments for subsidizing the cost of medical training in the Universities located in their respective states?

Doctors should be able to appreciate the intelligence of those who accuse them of being ungrateful to Nigeria for subsidizing their medical training.

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